Win: Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 1

Return to Nuke Em HighWelcome to Tromaville High School where renowned bad girl Chrissy has unearthed the shady going-ons behind evil food company Tromaorganic Foodstuffs Conglomerate, who have been secretly poisoning the school meals with mutant toxic waste!

When the glee club fall victim to the poisoned tacos and violently morph into a menacing gang of psycho monsters called The Cretins, Chrissy and the new girl in school Lauren must work together to not only fight The Cretins from all sorts of gory mayhem, but also solve the mystery of the evil Tromorganic Foodstuffs Conglomerate before it’s too late! Will they save Tromaville High School and subsequently the world?


Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 1 is available on DVD from 14 July. To win a copy plus the film’s quad poster, please enter particulars below.


Win: Haunter

Teenager Lisa Johnson (Abigail Breslin) and her family died in 1986 under sinister circumstances but remain trapped in their house. Unable to move on and tormented by their killer, they must live out their last living day over and over again. Lisa soon discovers that she is trapped in limbo and must fight to free […]

Win: Absentia on Blu-ray

One of the best indie horrors in recent times, Oculus director Mike Flanagan’s critically-acclaimed Absentia (review here) makes its UK Blu-ray debut courtesy of Second Sight Films on 7 July.   For a chance to win a copy, please enter particulars below.    

Camp Dread

With its backwoods setting, cast of horror veterans such as Danielle Harris (Hatchet II, Rob Zombie’s Halloween) and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Satan’s Playground), and central idea revolving around the making of a slasher film, Camp Dread could have been a fun and interesting throwback to the likes of Friday the 13th, Just Before Dawn […]


There’s a lot to enjoy in this Swedish shocker, particularly if you’re a fan of practical effects work and of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead, as Wither is a virtual remake of the influential 80s classic. You know the drill by now: a group of friends go and spend the weekend in a house deep in […]

Subversive Horror Cinema

This is an exhaustively researched, largely successful attempt to analyse the ‘subversive’ qualities inherent in the horror cinema, specifically the way in which periods of both national and global conflict can result in challenging, intelligent works that subvert not only the conventions of the genre itself but the cultural and societal norms of the day. […]

Willow Creek

‘Found-footage’ horror has been much maligned of late, due mainly to an incessant plethora of bland Paranormal Activity sequels and redundant cash-ins, each more derivative than the last. A few titles have proven the effectiveness of the formula — most notably The Blair Witch Project; [REC]; Lake Mungo; The Last Exorcism; and more recently The Borderlands — but […]


Bus crash survivors Ana and Freddie (Karolina Wydra and Steven Strait) awaken to find they are the only people left in their small town, and their attempts to leave are thwarted by a towering wall of impenetrable fog completely encircling the place. Before long they discover that all is not what it seems, and as […]

Halloween (Devil’s Advocates)

This is an excellent addition to Auteur Publishing’s ever-expanding ‘Devil’s Advocates’ series of film titles and the second John Carpenter movie to be covered following Jez Conolly’s recent study of The Thing (review here). Murray Leeder’s thoughtful, clearly expressed analysis of Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) is far reaching in scope while resisting the temptation to become sidetracked […]

The Last Horror Movie

The reasoning behind this re-release of Julian Richards’ micro-budgeted 2003 British shocker is obvious when you see the artwork on the new DVD sleeve — the distributors are pushing this as another Paranormal Activity and riding the coat-tails of the cursed ‘found-footage’ genre. Based on that, you’d be excused for giving this one a pass. […]