Blood Moon

DIRECTOR Jeremy Wooding WRITER Alan Wightman STARS George Blagden; Tom Cotcher; Barrington De La Roche DVD 5 October

REVIEW Rich Wilson

Blood MoonRural Colorado in the days of the old West, and when a coach with a group of travellers rides into a lonely outback town and encounters not only two brothers who have just held up the local bank, but a group of ‘skinwalkers’ hungry for flesh, the stage is set for a long night of cowboys, gunfire and monsters.

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Win: From Despair to Beloved – The Provocative Cinema of On Mark Productions

From Despair to BelovedIn 2001, a desperate screenwriter took the advice of Bruce Campbell and shot his first independent movie, a short entitled Despair. With only a VHS-C camcorder, one location, natural lighting, his wife and a rabbit at his disposal, he completed the film in two days. Two months later, it was picked up for worldwide distribution. The screenwriter’s name was Mark Baranowski. He and his wife, Ryli Morgan, would come to be known as On Mark Productions, going on to make several more micro-budget shorts and feature films over the next 10 years.

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Win: The Green Man Complete Miniseries

The Green ManMaurice Allington (Albert Finney) is the promiscuous and alcoholic owner of a quaint British B&B, the Green Man Inn. In the hope of attracting customers, he entertains his guests with ghostly tales, spreading rumours that a notorious 17th-century occult scientist haunts the hotel. But he and his guests are in for a shock when they realise they’re in the presence of some very real and malevolent other-worldly spirits.

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