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Big Bad Wolves

It’s rare that a film achieves the hype that surrounds it, and Israeli writer-directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado’s darkly comic and nasty crime story has received countless accolades from festival goers, whilst being widely advertised as Quentin Tarantino’s favourite film of last year. Comparisons to Tarantino are obvious — long scenes of dialogue and […]

The Best British Horror 2014

A 21st century equivalent of The Pan Book of Horror Stories (1959 – 1989) — editor Johnny Mains compiled Back from the Dead: The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories (2010), served as project editor on the 2010 reissue of the original 1959 Pan Book of Horror Stories, and penned Lest You Should […]

The Quiet Ones

Based upon the real-life Philip Experiment and boasting a pleasing, seventies aesthetic, The Quiet Ones holds much potential for some retro, under-the-skin psychological ambiguity crossed with all-out supernatural horror. And yet, what we have here is something of a treading-water experience, a strong opener leading through no real development in suspense over the run-time, the […]

Win: Hatchet 3

The third instalment in Adam Green’s brutal slasher series — this time the directing duties are handled by BJ McDonnell, with Green writing and producing — weaves outrageous, graphic killings around a narrative dead end, replicating the faults of the 1980s franchises it desperately tries to imitate.   In a reprise of the ending of […]

Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero

This seems like an odd franchise; the original Cabin Fever was 12 years ago, a minor hit and cult favourite thanks to its back-to-the-70s look and Eli Roth’s entertaining blend of splatter and quirky humour. A terrible, comedy-driven sequel popped up in 2009, and really that was where it should have ended. Patient Zero — the […]

Ghost Stories

As a victim of some misguided hype, Ghost Stories is really quite the disappointment for the horror aficionado. The promised ‘extreme shock and tension’ is a baffling assurance, for, what we have here is far from a true horror production; one can only imagine that those never exposed to the genre could possibly find more […]

Devil in the Woods

It is tough to foresee positive from an opener that reels out the cliche of no birdsong in a forest, and, sure enough, Devil in the Woods proceeds to deliver a number of tired tropes amidst a bland screenplay that largely consists of tedious, drawn-out padding. The story itself heaves with potential, centred around the […]

We Are What We Are (2013)

A remake in the loosest of terms, this version honours Jorge Michel Grau’s excellent original (review here) yet is a wholly different film, a very intelligent screenplay adding some extra elements to round out proceedings and create an impressive story of its own.   Shot against a backdrop of constant rain, the film is very […]


Now these are bizarre texts. Two really weird trips. It’s as if David Firth, Chuck Palahniuk and the reanimated corpse of the Marquis de Sade all sat down one fine afternoon and decided to write two collections of short stories. The culprits here, however, are P. M. Buchan, who sits firmly at the helm of both […]

Paranormal Xperience

Initial probings into this film do not promise great things. Firstly, that terrible title is no typing error; depressingly they’ve even shortened it to PX3D on the credits. Secondly, any film that advertises its 3D upfront is generally relying on that gimmick over important issues such as script or performance. Finally, the cover and disc […]