Category: Film

Blood Runs Cold

Director Sonny Laguna obviously has an eye for composition, but this is so derivative of the genre, it falls down straightaway.

/ October 12, 2011

Death Bell

Believes itself brutal, when in reality a small number of strong images are tied loosely together with a basic story.

/ October 10, 2011

Evil Rising

The script really is slow, with nothing remotely interesting happening until the final few minutes. But what an ending.

/ October 10, 2011

Red State

A disappointing film with a script that is too basic for any kind of social commentary Kevin Smith may have been aiming for.

/ September 16, 2011

Lake Mungo

A frightening film that respects the audience's imagination, creating a convincing portrait of a family coping with a tragedy.

/ July 23, 2011

The Silent House

Florencia Colucci is superb, easily shouldering the film. Also impressive is some genuine creepiness courtesy of clever lighting.

/ July 18, 2011