The single best thing about this ridiculously entertaining pile of rubbish is that writer/director Ron Carlson knows exactly what an audience willing to watch a film called Giant killer Ants expects. Before the titles have even rolled a young woman being chased by an oversized bug decides the best way to combat this terror is to take her clothes off and throw them at it. Seconds later she’s a crimson mess, and instantly we’ve established that Carlson wears his exploitation credentials on his sleeve.

Carnage needs a reason, and here the story is fun — an ageing 80s glam metal band on a comeback tour take a wrong turn and get lost in the desert, finding groupies, peyote and a lot more than they bargained for — with a good cast of B-movie veterans (Tom Arnold, Jake Busey and a very funny Sean Astin) delivering some excellent one-liners and taking it as seriously as the viewer ought to.

Clichés abound, such as the native Indian who warns about disturbing sacred ground and a series of annoying teens whose only purpose is to suffer, and the effects are terrible, but you’ll forgive all this to watch the most inept band since Spinal Tap do battle with the terrible forces of nature the only way they know how: through the power of metal. And because they’re a likeable bunch of misfits who show real character and warmth for each other, you’ll be rooting for them. Giant Killer Ants lacks any finesse but replaces it with high energy. Recommended? Absolutely. Who doesn’t want to see bodies explode purely from the decibel level of a scream? This is probably the best giant ant versus rock ‘n’ roll movie ever made.

Tom Arnold
Sean Astin
Martin Blasick

Ron Carlson

Ron Carlson
Dan Sinclair
Hank Braxtan

17 Jun 2019

Posted by Rich Wilson

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