Category: Competitions

WIN: Terrified Blu-ray

Demián Rugna’s Terrified makes its UK Blu-ray, DVD and digital debut from Acorn Media in conjunction with Shudder today.

/ September 13, 2021

WIN: Belzebuth Blu-ray

Horror legend Tobin Bell stars in a darkly disturbing Mexican/English film that will strike the fear of God into you.

/ September 12, 2021

WIN: Wired Shut DVD

Alexander Sharp's jaw-dropping slasher arrives on DVD and digital on 30 August from 101 Films.

/ August 26, 2021

WIN: Random Acts of Violence Blu-ray

Jay Baruchel writes, directs and stars in his horror debut, out today on UK Blu-ray, DVD and digital.

/ August 23, 2021

WIN: Tigers Are Not Afraid Blu-ray

The critically acclaimed dark fantasy is available on UK Blu-ray, DVD and digital on 23 August.

/ August 21, 2021

Camp Dread

Tries to pass itself off as self-aware, but in the end it is, disappointingly, a rather vacuous and plodding mess.

/ June 23, 2014

Hatchet 3

The body count is huge, the dialogue abysmal, the story perfunctory at best, yet the enthusiasm ensures it's never tiresome.

/ March 28, 2014

The People Under the Stairs

While it is often overlooked, it is an effective horror flick with a dark sense of unease that is still incredibly palpable.

/ October 29, 2013


Unstrained and anarchic, Lifeforce may not be considered Hooper’s best work, but it’s certainly one of his most wildly entertaining.

/ October 10, 2013