Category: Competitions

Win: Playback

A group of high school students dig into their town’s infamous past, unwittingly unlocking an evil that corrupts destroys them.

/ June 21, 2012

Win: Tape 407

When a plane hits turbulence, it crashes in a remote government-testing area. The survivors find themselves pursued.

/ May 29, 2012

Win: Seance – The Summoning

Four college students break into the city morgue to video themselves holding a seance, summoning a demon by mistake.

/ May 8, 2012

Win: Dark Shadows Boxset

Victoria arrives at the Collins' estate in search of her mysterious origins. Soon she's caught up in strange events.

/ April 6, 2012

Win: Grave Encounters

A TV crew lock themselves inside an abandoned psychiatric hospital for the night, to begin a paranormal investigation.

/ April 2, 2012

Win: 666 – The Prophecy

After his wife and child die, Joseph becomes plagued with strange happenings, and constant sightings of the number 11.

/ March 23, 2012