From Despair to BelovedIn 2001, a desperate screenwriter took the advice of Bruce Campbell and shot his first independent movie, a short entitled Despair. With only a VHS-C camcorder, one location, natural lighting, his wife and a rabbit at his disposal, he completed the film in two days. Two months later, it was picked up for worldwide distribution. The screenwriter’s name was Mark Baranowski. He and his wife, Ryli Morgan, would come to be known as On Mark Productions, going on to make several more micro-budget shorts and feature films over the next 10 years.

Working with the likes of Brinke Stevens, Lynn Lowry, Suzi Lorraine and Teri Weigel, the couple became increasingly respected within the realm of cult cinema. From Despair to Beloved: The Provocative Cinema of On Mark Productions is the official guide to their entire film catalogue thus far, spanning from 2001-2011. An exclusive interview with Mark and Ryli, behind-the-scenes stories and photographs, an entire shooting script, poster and video-box art, ad mats, production stills, and cast recollections make this book an exhaustive and invaluable resource for not only fans of these films, but for anyone interested in true DIY movie-making.


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