The VisitorThe ultimate excursion into B-movie madness, this 1979 cinematic oddity from schlock producer extraordinaire Ovidio G. Assonitis, director of such deliciously guilty pleasures as Beyond the Door and Tentacles, brings together an extraordinary ensemble cast in a mind-bending tale of a girl and her pet hawk.

 At first glance, Katy Collins is just like any other normal eight-year-old girl… but appearances can dangerously deceptive. As it turns out, Katy is the earthly incarnation of an ancient evil by the name of Sateen, an intergalactic supernatural entity who was vanquished many light years ago. Katy possesses tremendous powers making her capable of great destruction: powers which some are keen to eradicate, and some to harness…

The Visitor is available on dual format Blu-ray and DVD from today. To win a copy, enter details below.


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