DIRECTOR David Keating WRITER David Keating; Brendan McCarthy COUNTRY UK


After the disappointing Let Me In, Hammer 2.0 still awaits its vote of confidence. Coming closer to home with this story set in Ireland, the folk horror premise for Wake Wood is a step in the right direction… but just a step.

Following the death of their young daughter, Alice, Louise and Patrick relocate to the village of Wake Wood, which holds a dark secret. For each death to befall them, the locals may enact a birthing ritual to resurrect a year-old corpse, for three days. Naturally, there’s a heavy price for any rule-breaking, and Alice isn’t quite how her parents remember.

The story, predictable, however with nicely subtle handling of its occult element, as just a way of life for the villagers rather than the big bad, the film slowly builds an atmosphere and is more chilling as a result — or rather, could have been. Its tacked-on climax is unfortunate.


First published in movieScope 21

Wake Wood is available on DVD now

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