Joe Cornish’s feature debut crash-lands in Stockwell, and, Nick Frost cameo aside, it stands on its own two feet amongst the usual Brit comedy suspects. This is largely due to its cast of unknowns, more convincing than your usually obvious middle-class actors who can’t quite get that London rude boy accent down, ya get me?

After a mugging is disrupted by a meteor-bearing alien, a teen gang, led by point-to-prove Moses, swagger back to their block, unidentified trophy in tow. The only trouble is, more are coming, and these much larger, jet-black beasts are none too happy at their object of desire having been killed. Now, it’s all-out Assault on Precinct 13 style war on a high-rise—or, it would be, if not for the comedic interludes courtesy of a pair of baby gangsters and a zoology graduate desperate to be cool enough to hang.

Flawed, but fun.

First published in movieScope 21

Attack the Block opens on 13 May

Posted by Naila Scargill

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