DIRECTOR Francis dela Torre WRITER Francis dela Torre STARS Natalina Maggio; Clifton Powell; Jamie Harris RELEASE TBC

Blood RansomMelding romance, thriller and horror, Blood Ransom is certainly ambitious, opting for a slow-burn approach that belies the race against time at the heart of its story. The majority of exposition occurs in an opening title card, the remainder of the narrative heavily reliant on voiceover; this effectively adds a dreamlike quality, which is complemented by a wise choice to hold the violence off screen. As such, the overall effect is at times hypnotic, particularly so for a slightly convoluted plot that, admittedly, is slightly hard to follow. Ironically this further complements the storytelling from the viewpoint of the narrator, that of sad recollection of his loss of a meaningful relationship.

Some more emphasis on the tension more typical of what is effectively a cat-and-mouse thriller would arguably feel more accessible here; the urgency necessary to drive such a story is missing. As an indicator of a filmmaker to watch in director-writer Francis dela Torre, however, there is much promise of creative ideas to come, particularly so for his presenting a refreshingly new take on vampire lore—rarely seen these days. Some excellent cinematography further demonstrates Torre’s eye for detail.

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