DIRECTOR Joe Knee WRITER Mark Atkins; Rafael Jordan STARS Corin Nemec; Dominika Juillet; Nikolette Noel DVD 17 September

Dragon WaspsShould one be in need of fresh eye-glazing material, Dragon Wasps is an excellent candidate, sporting an interminable dullness that cancels out any possible entertainment value entirely.

The biggest mistake here is that the genetically-engineered insects of the title take a backseat. Revelry in the sheer badness that can be such fun in these monster mash-ups, that is indeed the point much of the time, is not maximised, the screenplay prioritising a wafer-thin plot that may be summarised by a handful of words: missing father; cocaine; military; secret experiment. Certainly a rich story from films of this ilk should never be expected, but when casting terrible actors — a little editing to mask the fact a dead-behind-the-eyes supporting actress struggled to remember her lines would not have gone amiss — the reasoning for this is inexplicable. Truly dreadful, and not in the way it ought to be.


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