DIRECTOR Paco Plaza WRITER Luiso Berdejo; David Gallart; Paco Plaza STARS Leticia Dolera; Diego Martín; Ismael Martínez CINEMA 26 August

[Rec] GenesisAs prequel to the [REC] series, Génesis may be a shock to current fans, it being an altogether more playful addition; really, this could be a standalone film, the links tenuous. Save the introductory scene, out is the first-person perspective, in, an unanticipated comedic element. One cannot help but wonder how difficult the collaboration was between Paco Plaza, out on his own here, and partner Jaume Balagueró, who will give us Apocalypse, the fourth instalment…


Put elitism aside, and there is fun to be had here, in what is more an affectionate addition to the zombie genre. In fact perhaps it ought to be added to Shaun of the Dead‘s coining of the term ‘zom-rom-com’, it being set at a wedding, the bride and her groom desperately trying to reach one another throughout. This nuptial setting in fact assists the film in retaining its religious connotations, when the Father cites the Book of Genesis in explanation of the outbreak, and the zombies stop whenever they hear the Bible read out loud over the tannoy.

Other than this, the pivotal character of Niña Medeiros does make an appearance, but does feel more a prerequisite as opposed to propellant of story, which is one that ultimately opts for comedy over horror, despite plenty of blood on offer. Jarring the original format in such a manner is a tad bizarre, but it is still an enjoyable watch. It’ll certainly be interesting to see the angle [REC] Apocalypse takes.

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