Tag: Possession

FrightFest: Wither

An entertaining if not very original demonic possession slash zombie gorefest that, at the very least, showcases energy and zest.

/ August 23, 2013

The Night Child

As the epitome of seventies B-movie charm, it boasts the strong elements of enjoyable kitsch that one would hope for.

/ December 3, 2012

The Possession

The exorcism makes a refreshing change in not being Bible-based, but this is strictly Hollywood horror by numbers.

/ August 31, 2012

Dark Mirror

Has its moments and there are a couple of good scares, but the direction is flat and static camerawork wastes opportunity.

/ August 28, 2012


Any suspense is dispersed in favour of splatter and nudity, the film throwing out the script and making it up as it goes along.

/ July 15, 2012