DIRECTOR Howie Askins WRITER Ryan McCoy STARS Ryan McCoy; Brett Rosenberg; Ashley Bracken DVD 12 March

EvidenceThe problem with the found-footage subgenre is the real difficulty in finding something fresh to say. Evidence makes an attempt, but over-eggs the pudding, rendering this viewer frustrated and bemused in equal measure.

So, we have our two-girl-two-boy package, preparing for a camping trip in the woods. The purpose, a documentary — rather irritatingly, several references to this intention are made, but it is never defined — on one of the males, Brett, who’s very reluctant. Strange noises that gradually come closer are heard, and the gang tire of their cameraman, Ryan, and his determination to remain in a place that no longer feels safe — particularly after having spied a creature that “was not natural”. This is done reasonably well, in particular the use of one of the characters as a red herring, but this strand is dwelled upon for far too long; 20 minutes in, the film but an hour-and-a-quarter, there’s a real want for something approaching a point.

The point eventually comes, accompanied by friends. Aliens? Madmen? Science? Military? Zombies? This failure to opt for just one, perhaps two realisations, delivers a messy hotchpotch that tugs at your coat like a pack of attention-seeking toddlers. A vague explanation by one line of dialogue — I shan’t bore you with the old chestnut in question, but seasoned viewers will have already guessed — and the entire experience feels like a waste of time. A real shame, as there is probably a good film hidden somewhere in there.

Posted by Naila Scargill

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