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STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING “One of the best horror zines out there”
SEX GORE MUTANTS “Highly recommended”

Born from a love of horror, ponderous thoughts and meandering topics, Exquisite Terror is a periodical that takes a more academic approach to the genre, featuring exclusive art, script analysis and in-depth essays. Purchase it here.



Naila is the founder and editor of Exquisite Terror. Holding a broad editorial background, she has worked with an eclectic variety of content, 
ranging from film and the counterculture, to political news and finance. She currently contributes to movieScopeTrebuchet, Strange Things Are Happening and RiDE.


UncleBob was the original editor of the much-loved Fangoria, helming the title through until 1986. Writer of Frankenhooker and Basket Case 3, UncleBob authored Brain Damage, an adaptation of the Frank Henenlotter film, and currently contributes to Dread Central.


Falling in love with cinema after seeing Ridley Scott’s Alien at the age of nine-years-old, Rich has been obsessed with horror, westerns, martial-arts and Japanese monster movies for the last 30 years. He has written for Q, Hotdog, Classic Rock, GoreZone and various websites, and is currently seeking a publishing house for his first novel.


James is the author of Dario Argento (Kamera Books) and a monograph on The Company of Wolves (Devil’s Advocates). He contributes to Diabolique, and has also written for Paracinema, Film Ireland, Eye for Film, Little White Lies and The Quietus.


Jim is a London-based journalist who has worked for a number of titles, including Bizarre, Loaded, Fighting Fit and the Daily Sport. He graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2009 and became a Master of Research in American Literature in 2010.


Paul is owner of Spydergoth Illustrations. Previously having drawn for GoreZone and Shock Horror, he currently provides artwork for various bands and film production company FilmMA.


Leonardo Gonzalez is an artist, residing in New Britain, CT. A recent graduate from the University of Hartford with a degree in illustration, he is pursuing a career in the comics field. Currently, he contributes to T Publications and is working on his “Seasons” illustrations.


Paul’s obsession with all things horrific may have begun at the age of four, when he was given a copy of the comic Web Of Horror #2. Of course, he may have been ‘a bit strange’ since birth. He works mainly in the area of scholastic illustration (lots of stuff you’ll never see for people you’ve never heard of) but is currently hard at work drawing Adler for Titan Comics, written by Lavie Tidhar.


Film/lit graduate Cal Ryder has an eclectic CV which includes teaching filmmaking, writing about orchestras, singing in a rockabilly band and illustrating everything from children’s books to concert programmes. She endeavours to follow the teachings of Doc Hammer.