DIRECTOR Griff Furst WRITER Eric Forsberg (story); Paul A. Birkett (screenplay) STARS Megan Adelle; Gralen Bryant Banks; Paul Boocock DVD & BLU-RAY 1 October

ArachnoquakeStrangely opting not to join in with the trend of hybrid monster mash-up, Arachnoquake plays it straight — or at least as much its fire-breathing albino spiders from deep within the earth are able.

And the film as a whole is exactly what you’d expect. Opening on a farm in Louisiana, rednecks discuss a recent earthquake and the possibility of aliens, what with mysterious deaths occurring since the event. Some dreadful CGI soon tells us that it’s spiders that are responsible, and, naturally, they are distributed via farm delivery. We follow two coach trips as they find themselves attacked, by these strange creatures that appear more like crabs and move like robots, which feed upon their victims’ eyes.

There is really very little to recommend this film. Whilst it’s naive to expect anything wildly different, the predictability here is a tad too pronounced, right down to the inevitable queen spider in a cave — if she is destroyed, they all are — and a King Kong style climax. The comedy present is too lacklustre to elevate proceedings, therefore ultimately, Arachnoquake belies its title to commit the crime of dullness.


Posted by Naila Scargill

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