DIRECTOR Darren Lynn Bousman WRITER Darren Lynn Bousman STARS Stephen Moyer; Mia Kirshner; Allie MacDonald DVD 3 March

Devil in the WoodsIt is tough to foresee positive from an opener that reels out the cliche of no birdsong in a forest, and, sure enough, Devil in the Woods proceeds to deliver a number of tired tropes amidst a bland screenplay that largely consists of tedious, drawn-out padding. The story itself heaves with potential, centred around the true legend of the Jersey Devil, a winged beast said to be the spawn of Satan, with an intended juxtaposition of paranoid psychosis and reality. Unfortunately for director-writer Darren Lynn Bousman, his script is too bare-boned to effectively marry the two, while a sloppy edit further detracts, resulting in a finale that is certainly not intentionally amusing.

Posted by Naila Scargill

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