DIRECTOR Adam Brooks; Jeremy Gillespie; Matthew Kennedy; Steven Kostanski; Conor Sweeney WRITER Adam Brooks; Jeremy Gillespie; Matthew Kennedy; Steven Kostanski; Conor Sweeney STARS Luke Barnett; Casey Campbell; Devin Clark DVD Now

Father's DayTroma, unashamed/proud purveyors of political most incorrect and source of guilty pleasure — and why not; the indie aesthetic is admirable — return with Father’s Day, supposedly in answer to previous 1980 effort, Mother’s Day.

Nutshell: one-eyed Ahab is hellbent on avenging the death of his father to the Fuchman, rapist and sadistic killer of patriarchs everywhere. Enlisting a gay streetwalker, his stripper sister and the disillusioned Father John,  he consults an ancient tome, to pursue Fuchman to Hell.

Surprisingly well put together, Father’s Day has everything one could desire of a daft evening’s entertainment, from sibling incest to a meeting with the Devil/God himself, via buckets of cheap gore, some great comic timing, and what are rather unsettling rape scenes, if one contemplates (don’t). The only problem I can see with this release is that a four-disc, limited edition Blu-ray will be available in the US from tomorrow…


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