Vampires, schmampires. I’m a tad bored with them. So, Knuckle Supper arrives as an interesting and refreshing take on your standard toothy yarn. You’ll find none of the usual gothic romanticising nonsense within; here, the blood- and drug-craving creatures swarm and control a gangland LA, where no human is safe.


Violently graphic and unapologetic in style, this could be described as an allegory of the degeneration of the human soul—author Drew Stepek would certainly hope so. But, he lacks the ability to drive that purpose home; his is a voice that really ought to remain on the street. As such, an ambitious twist fails to convince, the sense being, he wasn’t quite sure how to finish up. A shame, but still worthy of a look-see.

Knuckle Supper is available now

Posted by Naila Scargill

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