Tag: Cannibal

Hannibal: The Complete Season Two

Beautifully written and performed, it looks stunning, is genuinely unsettling, and for those seeking viscera, bloody and gruesome.

/ September 22, 2014

We Are What We Are (2013)

Carefully conceals the cannibalism at its heart in favour of the examination of familial roles, rites of passage and ritualism.

/ February 25, 2014

The People Under the Stairs

While it is often overlooked, it is an effective horror flick with a dark sense of unease that is still incredibly palpable.

/ October 29, 2013

Cannibal Holocaust

Remains one of the most important films in the history of horror cinema. It also remains one of the most controversial.

/ November 8, 2011


Occasionally inspiring, often harrowing and depressing, the film throughout is artistic, engaging and intriguing.

/ October 15, 2011

We Are What We Are

Deftly balances a horror premise with the politics of a family drama, marking Jorge Michel Grau as a filmmaker to watch.

/ April 11, 2011