DIRECTOR Drew Goddard WRITER Joss Whedon; Drew Goddard STARS Kristen Connolly; Chris Hemsworth; Anna Hutchison CINEMA 13 April

Groundbreaking. A game-changer. Hmm… Perhaps. The only person who’ll boast of seeing the end coming will be a bald-faced liar; give that person a slap. Incredibly smart, this is an experience that really does keep you guessing, the filmmakers manipulating us just as much as the hapless teens of the titular cabin. However, an unpredictable climax should not be viewed as groundbreaking. We’ve every right to expect something better than by-the-numbers, and a film that delights in poking fun at its very own genre is hardly anything new.

But is it fun? Yes. HELL yes. You will go in and find yourself pondering the aforementioned use of by-the-numbers, but what’s wonderful about this is that that is the point… Much will be lost on those less accustomed to the classic horror film, but this is not to say it won’t be enjoyable; in fact it’s a perfect introduction to the genre, accessible enough to reel folk in. As for the rest of you, you’ll go giddy counting the references (my personal favourite is the nod to Cube). I won’t be alone in eagerly awaiting a disc release that’ll enable much use of a pause button for those final scenes…

As a publication that prefers an analytical look, The Cabin in the Woods is not an easy film to discuss without utterly ruining it for the viewer; the dropping of any kind of spoiler would be a crime — but you’ve already heard that. Instead, I will simply urge a trip to the cinema as soon as possible.


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