DIRECTOR Tom McLoughlin WRITER Lawrence Konner; Mark Rosenthal; Stephen King (short story) STARS Tim Matheson; Brooke Adams; Robert Rusler DVD 9 April

Sometimes They Come BackAs has this 1991 TV movie, making its UK DVD debut. Based upon the short story by Stephen King, Tim Matheson stars as Jim Norman, a high-school teacher who returns to his hometown nearly 30 years after the death of his cherished elder brother to the local gang of badasses. When pupils start dying, their places filled by horrifyingly familiar faces, Jim realises that the gang have returned to take care of unfinished business. Etc.

Boasting neither fantastic performance nor moving script, Sometimes They Come Back is one of those painfully average films that provokes, well, nothing much of a reaction, its classic horror status somewhat baffling. With no extras, it’s a release that feels slightly pointless. Purchase to complete your Stephen King collection, or for background noise.

Posted by Naila Scargill

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