Tag: Found Footage

Willow Creek

With long takes, reliance on sound and suggestion, and chilling climax, it is one of the better found-footage titles.

/ May 26, 2014

The Last Horror Movie

A clever script asks thought-provoking questions; combined with stark camerawork and realistic effects, it's an uneasy watch.

/ May 4, 2014

FrightFest: The Paranormal Diaries – Clophill

One hell of a dull time, with nothing other than repetitive speculation to lull one to sleep.

/ August 24, 2013

FrightFest: The Dyatlov Pass Incident

The final act crosses the line between fantastical to slightly amusing ridiculousness.

/ August 23, 2013

The Bay

Piecing together its story in multi-format, it's an interesting spin on found footage, but it falls victim to an over-zealous edit.

/ March 18, 2013

Grave Encounters 2

The problem is that the Vicious Brothers are under the impression that Grave Encounters was a classic horror epic. It wasn’t.

/ January 31, 2013